Everywhere you look, you see faded headlights on other wise clean looking cars. The entire front end of a car is ruined by dull looking headlights, undermining the look of the entire car. Our vehicles sit in parking lots, driveways, and street parking 80% of the time under direct or indirect sunlight, causing the headlights to age fast. Covering the headlights, the same way as putting sunshades on the windshield to prevent it from cracking, saves you tons of money in the long run. In turn, saving your headlights from yellowing, fading, and fogging.

If you’re lucky finding replacement headlights as your car ages, a pair of modern vehicle headlights cost on average over¬†$600 to replace. In many cases the cost of single headlight could be over $600 alone if it is HID, Xenon, or LED. Prevent your headlights from fading, fogging, yellowing, and cracking by using Headlights Shades that come in two difference models. A Universal HeadlightShades Model that fits on every car and truck, and a Custom HeadlightShades Model that is tailored directly to your vehicle. Below are some videos of how the patented Headlight Shades work, how they are easily installed and removed, and how they could save your headlights from fading.

Installation and removal of Universal HEADLIGHT SHADES


How to prevent headlights from fading? Universal HEADLIGHT SHADES

Headlight Shads are for the real car lovers, the ones that could not stand the site of their plastic headlights becoming cloudy, ruining the entire look of the car. Headlight Shades is for the driver that wants to preserve their headlights from sun damage and not settling for anything less.

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