Custom Headlight Shades

Headlight Shades – Custom Models are Designed Specifically to Fit the Contour and Shape of your Headlights, providing an Awesome Tailor-Fit Look, While Protecting Your Headlights From Fading, Yellowing, And Cracking.

  • Tailored Fit Custom Design. Fits The Contour Of Your Headlights. Tasteful And Stylish!
  • Exclusive Styling Specifically for Your Vehicle. No Adjustments Needed!
  • Dual Fabric Layers Over Headlights. Protects Against Fading,Yellowing, And Cracking!
  • Breathable UV Resistant Specialty Fabric. Gets Rid Of Moisture Faster!
  • Super Heavy Duty Suction Cups Mount Directly On Your Headlights. Install/Remove In Seconds!
  • Rolls Up Easily. Easy To Store!

Available Custom Models:

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