Stop Fading Headlights

Sun damaged headlights is a major safety issue facing drivers -

There you are washing your car weekly, waxing it occasionally, trying to keep it in tiptop shape. Along the way, there is one major detail you maybe overlooking. Your car’s headlights is that detail. Your car’s headlights maybe one of the most overlooked portions of your vehicle, yet they are the most vulnerable ones. Headlights are your eyes at night, while a problem like having sun damaged headlights is a major safety issue facing drivers.

Headlights provide light for us drivers at night, when we most need them. Yet these clear headlights are left outdoors along with your vehicle to weather away into a faded sun-damaged foggy opaque pieces of plastic. Today’s cars can survive outdoors for years without paint damage. Unlike in the old days, car interiors today could withstand a decade of being parked outdoors without any protection, and no visible damage would be detected, not even on dashboards. Until now automobile manufacturers have not found [...]

Headlight Shades - Custom Model

You’ve had your car for a little while now… Completed all scheduled maintenance on it, washed it, and waxed it regularly. Great, now it’s time to let it go… You present it to a potential buyer thinking it should be appealing. After all, you’ve spent tons of money trying to maintain it to preserve the car’s value. The truth is, you might have overlooked one key component, which may seem very trivial… the headlights. Yes, if you let your vehicle sit out on the sun for extended periods of time with the headlights exposed to the elements, the inevitable will occur. Your headlights will fog up and fade, brining down your car’s value. It’s a fact; even Consumer Reports and clearly state that in their research.

Headlightshades CUSTOM model Description

Why would anyone in the right mind cover anything on their car, let alone cover their headlights? In reality why don’t car owners cover their cars? At least cover the windshield, preventing the sun’s damaging UV rays from cracking that expensive dashboard. Cover the headlights with Headlight Shades to prevent the plastic, or clear coat in some cases, from being damaged, causing it to turn yellow, develop micro cracks. Cover Car Headlights Like Covering Windshield. Making your vehicle look dated, and making it unsafe to drive at night from the lack of headlight lighting.

Let’s say that safety is the last thing on your list. What about the looks? I remember having two cars that I purchased used. One of the cars was a Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG, and the other one was a VW Jetta. They both looked ok for the first few weeks, then the yellowing and fading surfaced on the lenses. The CLK55 [...]

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