About Us

Hello, my name is Rawad, the inventor of HeadlightShades. A mechanical engineer that started working for the big three in Detroit, then moved to sunny California for a career in aerospace design. A proud petrol head that can identify almost any car by hearing the engine/exhaust noise before it arrives.

portfolio15-lrgHeadlightShades started out with me buying a clean used car that had fairly large clear xenon headlights. As a car nut, I would worry about parking the car out in the sun all day, not because the paint would fade, as paint lasts for many years on modern cars. The real reason was because I didn’t want the headlights to fade, especially in the Southern California heat, turning this fairly new looking car into an old dated car. It was the dysfunctional and horrible looking headlights that were are as ugly to look at as unsafe for night driving. Every time I looked around, I’d see fairly nice cars that were barely 3 years old with yellowing headlights, which was very frustrating.

To make things more frustrating, I visited places offering headlight restoration to find out that their services are the biggest gimmick of our modern times, because it simply does not last more than several weeks. Trust me, I’ve tried many different professionals, kits, and product. The yellowing, fading, micro-cracking will come back again. Save your money.

Out of frustration of keeping my car’s headlights clear, HeadlightShades was born. In all honesty, this product took more development time than my aircraft parts have taken me as cars come in so many different shapes and sizes.

We’ve came a long ways as a team. On the behalf of everyone at HeadlightShades, we are here to help, no question is too big for us to answer. No rock will be left unturned to make sure that car guys and gals receive the best treatment possible before, during, and after purchasing the one and only HeadlightShades.


  • We work as hard as you for our money, that’s one reason to keep providing you with with a great customer experience in addition to a great product.
  • We live, eat, and breath cars. Protecting them is our mision.
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